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SVD Dine In

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SVD Dine In

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SVD Dine In Lankelapalem provides Food Parcels ,Bulk orders and Dine In to customers, as well as catering services

Our Main Aim is to provide catering services to pharma companies and corporate companies.it is one of our food point to extend our services


One of the Best Restaurants in Lankelapalem,Good and tasty food ,We also do event planning ,catering services for company events,celebration and parties

We are the Best Catering Services provider in vizag., online food delivery in and around Lankelapalem are available ,


Download from Google Playstore SVD Eatex,use coupon code:eatex to get 10% discount.Free Delivery


Our kitchen Locations are at

1)pm palem



Our food points


2)Nad (coming soon)

3)Akkayyapalem (coming soon)