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About Svd Eatex Catering

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SVD EATEX Catering Services in Vizag

                      SVD CATERING IN VIZAG 

SVD Catering is a one-stop Event Management, Wedding Planning and Catering service for your house party, Corporate events, family reunions or wedding reception. This is simply the best catering service in Vizag, providing a wide variety of the menu to select from. 

They also have other services that are essential in these functions, like flower arrangements, decoration lights, tube lights, and bulbs. SVD Catering also provide design furniture and entertainment options like speakers, DJ and music systems for the events. They have experienced photographers and videographers who can be hired to keep memories of the events. Transport services are also arranged by SVD Catering with luxury cars and buses. 

SVD Catering also has an Online food delivery service, from breakfast to dinner, catering both veg as well as non-veg recipes. The food is cooked with less oil, keeping the customer in mind and at a reasonable price. They have subscription packages where you can pay for food for up to the next 30 days. SVD Catering has also introduced an online lunch delivery system, where lunch is served to the customers all over Vizag in 30 minutes, may it be home, office or school. They have stores at 2 locations, where staffs are working day and night to keep providing service to customers. You can order via mobile app, or visiting site. We accept all kinds of payments. 

Catering services like SVD Eatex should be regarded highly, as they are working tirelessly to deliver the promises they made to the customers, may it be a simple lunch box or a majestic Wedding Plan. 


                                            SVD EATEX – Various Services

SVD EATEX, a catering and event management service based in Visakhapatnam “Vizag” have been in the industry for over 15 years. They’ve come to be one of the best if not the best if I say so myself at what they do and where they do it. Unlike other Catering Services which solely do catering for an event, SVD EATEX provides its customers with all the services its clients could need in preparation of an event. From the catering of the event to decorations needed for the event to even the transportation needed to bring the guests the event as the client sees fit. These additional services place SVD EATEX as a go to service for many clients who wish for their events to take place as hassle-free as possible. The affordability also plays a major role in anybody’s decision when planning an event, and this service has you covered. With its pocket friendly prices and the services it provides, there is no other better alternative out there. An added bonus, SVD EATEX’s online interface in the form of its free app which available on both the Play Store and its elegant and easy to use website allows its users to plan for an event anywhere on the go.