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Executive Menu

SVD EATEX Catering Services in Vizag

We do Catering services in vizag for Outdoor,Wedding,Function,All Corporate Companies & Events

  • Executive Breakfast
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    1. Idly (2) + Vada + coffee
    2. Idly (2) + Poori + coffee
    3. Idly (2) + Plain dosa (2) + coffee
    4. Idly (2) + Upma + coffee
    5. Idly (2) + Utappam + coffee
    6. Idly (2) + Onion Pesarattu (2) + coffee
    7. Idly (2) + Punugulu + coffee

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  • Executive Lunch
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    1. Sweet
    2. Flavoured rice
    3. Pulka or Chapathi
    4. White Rice
    5. Mixed Dal
    6. Sambar/Rasam
    7. Curry
    8. Fry
    9. Chutney
    10. Curd
    11. Papad
    12. Sweet Somp
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Breakfast from SVD EateX catering services in vizag Our ancestors believed, Breakfast is the king of meals. So, do we! Our idea is not to serve quantity to count pink paper at the end of the hour. Team of SVD EateX have always believed in quality of food prepared with love and garnished with affection for our customers who are like our own family members. We take delight in informing you, our team has curated menu according to your taste and customs. We serve from Pulka to Idly and Vada decorating your thali with diversity. These gourmets will want to savour our chief specialities. SVD EateX is known for its customer friendly preparations. When it comes to serving we want to provide you with ocean of opportunities to please your taste buds. We provide tiffin service too within the range mentioned areas. If you are looking for a holiday from your kitchen workshop, we would be honoured to serve you with our specialities on one click we start preparations to serve our dear customer on time. Our expert team with 10year of experience is at your service Madam/ Sir.
Rating: 5 star
Review: The biryani here is the best. The quality of biryani was quite impressive as it was properly cooked and I could actually taste even the mild flavours dissolving in my mouth with ease. I would highly recommend you to taste this delicacy.
Rating: 5 star
Review: Being more of a chicken biryani person I tried out south Indian meals here, and the best part is I didn’t regret. In fact I am confused why I never checked in here before. Folks go and try their cuisine. It’s not just the food its meditation.
Rating: 5 star
Review: Paneer dosa is their most valuable dish for me. Being a person who is light on food and not much into spices only SVD EatX understands me. I wish Paneer dosa was a man with perfect ingredients like it is.