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Veg special

SVD EATEX Catering Services in Vizag

We do Catering services in vizag for Outdoor,Wedding,Functions and All Corporate Events

  • Veg Special Menu
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  • Mocktail drink
  • Seasonal fruit juice (2 varities)
  • Fresh green salad
  • Sweet : Kalajamun or Zilebi or Junnu
  • Hot : Corn samosa (or) Veg rolls
  • Rumali roti (or) Butter non
  • Flavoured rice
  • Veg dum biryani
  • Onion raitha
  • Kadai paneer
  • Mixed veg curry
  • Crispy baby corn
  • Stuffed vankaya
  • Mixed dal
  • White rice
  • Kandipodi
  • Chanaga pappu podi
  • Ghee
  • Sambar
  • Rasam
  • Majjiga pulusu
  • Dosa avakaya
  • Vankaya tamato chutney
  • Curd
  • Papad
  • Vadiyalu
  • Curd chilli
  • Cut fruits
  • Ice cream : Amul
  • Water bottle 1/2Ltr (Bisleri)
  • Pan
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As India is a land of various cultures, we people love to celebrate every festival that comes in a year. Every month has got different festivals which people celebrate with all excitement. We love to celebrate all these festively in a grand way. Earlier ladies in villages used to cook food in bulk with help of their family members and serve everyone those and celebrate those auspicious moments. Now with time people have changed and their behavior also. People prefer smart work over hard work. Rather than preparing dishes at their function, they prefer to order food online. These kind of services are only known as Catering Services. Catering services is a business of preparing variety of food items at a place like hotel, function halls etc. There are different types of catering services depending on place and occasions.

For example:
Wedding Services Catering: This kind of service is provided in marriage functions. They take order of the family and prepare all items listed by them at different times of the function. They aim to supply delicious food as well as enchanting ambience to the guests coming. Corporate Catering: This is all about business meeting dining’s. Companies when plan some events, they prefer top notch quality food for their clients to build a good image. Buffet Catering: This is all about social gathering events. In this food is being prepared by catering people but service is made by people themselves. They are free with food choices they want to have on their plate. Sit down Catering: This is different from Buffet. Here services are provided to people on their tables. Like this different events have got different kind of services provided by Catering business. This is one of the booming industry and market has got huge competition for this. In coming years we can definitely see many companies gaining huge profit from this business.