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SVD EATEX Catering Services in Vizag

                                                                                                            SVD Eatex- Online Food Delivery                                    

SVD EATEX provide online food delivery in Duvvada provides lunch and dinner, the quality of food provided is hygienic, homely and has succulent taste which waters the mouth. The variety of dishes provided includes almost every Indian dish from north to south and east to west, one just can’t resist the food provided as it includes entire Indian cuisine. Anyone can order from this application as it serves a healthy and hygienic food at pocket friendly price and the quantity provided is more than enough.

     SVD food Court in Duvvada provides online food delivery in and around Duvvada surrounding upto 8km radius..and also provides dine in to customers ..we also provides catering services for wedding,events,function and parties and also for corporate companies and pharma companies


                          We do Catering for corporate companies,wedding,events and fucntions.The delivery service of SVD EATEX is quick and food is packed in an orderly and neat manner and prevents the food from spilling, the freshness of food is maintained until it has been opened to eat. Many bachelors, students and employees order online on SVD EATEX to get their meals. Not only in online delivery but it has been providing catering services for wedding functions, birthday parties and other functions and have received positive responses from there also. It provides food for all kinds of people ranging from pure vegetarians, non vegetarians and both, an individual can order according to his need, SVD EATEX provide pure veg packages, non veg packages, executive packages etc. The dishes range from vada, dosa in breakfast to biryanis, meals in lunch to fried rice, chapatis and curries in dinner.

           At last I would suggest everyone to try this application as it has been providing food services to people with a positive aim and betterment of society with any negative remarks regarding the food.



Why should you go for Svd Eatex? 

Hygiene – Healthy – Homely 

Food has always been a topic of discussion without which no life is complete. One has to be very careful when it comes to serve the food to the others. It is the way to win one’s heart. I would never forget what my Mai (mother) made me understand when she was sharing with me the cooking practices. She said that she puts her heart in making the food which was the reason behind the amazing taste of the food. Her efforts would ultimately result in a healthy, hygienic, homely and heavenly experience of having the food cooked by her. 

This entire course made me believe that serving hygienic food is not an option but it is an obligation. Whenever it comes to food, it is incomplete unless the food is healthy to eat and a healthy food can only be delivered if proper hygiene is served at the kitchen. Also a customer is always in search of the homely feeling of the food. The homely feeling of food and its taste is always appetizing and welcomed by the customer. 

The hygiene to be served during cooking practices, the perfect blend of spices which would make the food healthy to eat and one of the most precious experiences is to get a homely feeling while having the food, have already been considered at Svd Eatex Catering Services. This customer friendly approach has made it one of the best food and catering service providers. I am really glad to say that these key factors about the food services are at the peak in the catering services offered by Svd Eatex. This triple H formula would definitely lead to serve the heavenly experience to all the food lovers and one must opt for the same. 



At SVD Eatex:

 I have found best place to taste hygienic homely food with good taste and value for money. Once I had a meal at SVD eatex and tasted food. It was awesome and delicious. I had gone too many times to eat after tasting food overthere.  

I could smell flavours of spices from kitchen and ordered lunch meal. I could not wait anymore and my hunger cravings  are mouth swollen.

I have tasted best sambar rice with papad home made by servants at SVD. Aloo fry which was soft with a crunchy crust replaced French fries. Tomato dal was my favourite recipe. Curries served with meal are juicy and melt in my mouth. The restaurant is unique for its taste of flavours. You could experience it while having food. Food was served hot in my plate. Often I will try having food outside. I feel waste of money and had stomach upset due to unhealthy food. But having food at SVD eatex is completely healthy. I assure you not to regret with SVD eatex for food quality.

Ambience provided by staff are good and had respect with customers. To them customers are first and quality of food is main criteria. They provide value for money food to us. We could taste food as if we have them in our home made by mom. It is a great place to take family for dinner.

I would rate 5 out of 5 for quality, healthy food provided and customer centric behaviour. 

2)For birthday event

I have ordered catering service from SVD Eatex for my daughter’s birthday party. Event organizer is very creative. She decorated the venue with bunch of flowers with good colour combinations. I liked the pattern and theme selected for my baby name twinkling like a star.

The best part was my birthday girl was so happy as she felt like a princess. Because of the team work ,they made my daughter as centre of attraction. A day well organized result an unique and memorable day. First comes first, food is everything we matter coming with celebrations. Food was great when comes to taste and quantity served was sufficient. Dishes prepared well and could experience the taste of flavours .Food ordered for guests was sufficient.

The staff were very polite and received guests with good manner. They treated people with respect while serving food.


SVD Eatex management team was very responsible taking client requirements and decorative ideas are outstanding.

They have creative team and behaviour was good. Their focus was providing neat and clean environment which looks different and feel different with Svd Eatex celebrating with joy.

Everyone in the party mesmerized with arrangements and gave good impression on event management. No one complained about food. Everyone said food was delicious. They were very much eager to see the chef to give compliments. You know how difficult to gain customer feedback with positive results. On hearing all those compliments I felt very happy that I have the best with SVD eatex.

No doubt with staff, cleaniness, responsibilities, quality and hygiene to you and your family. I seriously suggest all out there who want Catering service for your celebrations no matter its birthday or wedding.

3)Review on Dum Biryani

Hey!!!If you are a newbie to vizag and not able to find some good place to dine in for your favouite dish which has tremendous following and had 5 star rating with good reviews.I recommend SVD eatex online catering service. It’s my favourite food delivery service to have my favorite dish, none other than Biryani. Who doesn’t like Biryani???.

Everyone would love to taste Biryani. I am too who always wanted to taste it. So we have many places and chefs who are passionate and experience with cooking biryani. But SVD Eatex is so special to me. Because you could taste every spice, lemon flavor, mint and curry leaves smell it. Serving hot on plate, spicy yummy chicken wings well cooked, steam of all Indian spices jeera, cloves, cumin seeds, garlic ginger paste, cardamom which grasp every grain of rice. Raitha was so fresh because they used good curd which was pure. The salad which was given as side dish are also fresh. Because I always experienced onions and lime served on plate was not fresh. Henceforth I would like to state it as my personal experience with SVD Eatex

When comes to quantity one plate of biryani is sufficient to two members. Do not worry about quality. Its completely hygienic and healthy food.Staff members are trustworthy and delivery is fast.